REVOAR: Climate Crisis and Democracy

Dialogues on freedom and authoritarianism 

REVOAR: Climate Crisis and Democracy

Revoar is a podcast that promotes discussions about the different perspectives of democracy and rule of law. The second season focuses on ‘Climate Crisis and Democracy’ and  brings the climate emergency to the center of the debate. The season reflects on how climate change affects not only life and well-being, but also endangers freedom and democracy, both in Brazil and around the world.

In each episode, national and international experts are invited to explain the scale of the climate crisis and present possible solutions. The season is divided into eight episodes available in different audio platforms and podcast apps.

Revoar is a podcast from the Center for Analysis of Liberty and Authoritarianism (LAUT). The second season was edited and hosted by Conrado Hubner Mendes and Joana Setzer, produced by Rádio Novelo, with the support of iCS.

All episodes and other information on the second season are available at