REVOAR: Authoritarianism and discrimination in Brazil

Dialogues on freedom and authoritarianism.

REVOAR: Authoritarianism and discrimination in Brazil

Revoar is a podcast that promotes discussions about democracy and rule of law from different perspectives. The first season focuses on ‘Authoritarianism and discrimination in Brazil’ and presents stories, data and interviews with experts that help understanding the contours and the dimensions of discrimination in authoritarian contexts in the country and around the world.

Each episode addresses the multiple forms of discrimination in our society as well as the potential reactions to them. The season is divided into eight episodes available in different audio platforms and podcast apps.

Revoar is a podcast from the Center for Analysis of Liberty and Authoritarianism (LAUT). The first season was edited and hosted by Natália Neris and Rafael Mafei, produced by Rádio Novelo, with the support of Ibirapitanga.

All episodes and other information on the first season are available at